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Character :

Anthy Himemiya

From :

Shjo Kakumei Utena - Adolescence Mokushiroku (movie)

Worn at :

Japan Expo 2007 (WCS), Festival Delcourt/Harajuku 2007, Attention la marche (March 1st 2008, TV game), Bal Cosplay at La Guerche castle (February 2009)

Awards :


Pictures courtesy of :

Ashura, Aoshi, DLG, Prof. Okashi, FlexGraph, Foosooya, Ben, Okki, Breizh Cosplay

And the story...

With my friend Luce, we wanted to enter the World Cosplay Summit French selections. It took us a long time to decide which costumes we would make, and finally we chose Anthy and Utena, but with the costumes from the movie, which we found more elegant than the others versions. I'm not a big Utena fan, actually I barely know the manga, I have only read the 1st volume... But I had seen the movie, plus, I always loved the character's design, and especially Anthy's outfit in the movie, with her hair undone (there was no way I make the hairstyle from the manga, anyway XD), so I was quite happy we chose this duo.
Making the costume wasn't excessively difficult, but it took me some time, because I used a coat sewing pattern and the dress needed many adjustments until it fitted perfectly. Luce, who is much more talented than me with props and accessories, helped me with the crown, and made me the little green brooch and the shoulder pads.
Those WCS selections were the most stressful cosplay experience ever @_@ There were many problems and the time schedule hadn't been followed at all. We had to wait for hours, not knowing what was happening nor when we could finally go on stage. Seriously, the conditions were really really bad, and when we were finally taken to the stage for the finals, it was very late and we were all angry, stressed and very tired. Luce and I made maaany mistakes during our skit, and we were very disappointed of our performance because we knew our choreography much better than this... Anyway, it was an experience and we don't regret we tried!


Luce as Utena. :)

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