Movies costumes

Character :

Barriss Offee

From :

Star Wars episode II

Worn at :

Star Wars ep. III release at Grand Rex (2005), Taifu Festa 2005, Paris Jouets Collections 2005

Awards :

3rd place at PJC 2005

Pictures courtesy of :

Ryuu, Kojiboy, DLG, Ashura, Blaknight

And the story...

With my friend Doremi, we had the idea of going to the last Star Wars movie's release wearing costumes. It was kind of a last minute idea since we decided this something like 2 weeks before the release. We spent hours searching on the web for Star Wars female characters, and in the end Doremi decided for Padme in her pregnancy outfit, while I chose Barriss Offee. I didn't know the character at all, so I bought the episode 2 DVD to see her. It's really not an important character, you barely see her in the movie, but I liked her outfit and especially the tattoos on her face :) Finding reference pictures of her was quite hard, and I had to make everything basing on the 2-3 poor little pics I had found.
I had little time to make the costume, so my grandmother gave me a hand. We had to simplify the black dress a bit, the front of the top isn't really accurate. The cape wasn't really difficult to sew, but we had a hard time with the bloody hood. You'll notice too that the belt buckle is missing. Despite these little problems, the costume resembles the original, I like the result ^^ My favourite part of it is the make up! It's all about the make up ^^ It took me nearly 1h to reproduce the tattoos the first time I had to wear the costume... But considering how unskilled I am with make up, I was pretty proud of the result! =)

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