Video Games Costumes

Character :

Blaze Fielding

From :

Streets of Rage II

Worn at :

Chibi Japan Expo 2008, Video Games Live (Paris) 2008

Awards :


Pictures courtesy of :

Nenmacil (photoshoot), Pilusvol

And the story...

Blaze has always been one of my favourites video games heroines, I spent so much time playing Streets of Rage when I was young =) I had already made a desastrophic Blaze costume in 2005, and it was so awful that I decided to remake a new one. This one is still not perfect, but it's waaaay better than my first attempt. XD
I had first planned to wear the costume alone, but a friend of mine, Gwegz, heard that I was remaking my costume and asked if he could join as Axel. I was happy about it, but we never got the chance to wear the costumes together, that's why we only made a photoshoot. And this was the funniest photoshoot I ever made ^^ We wandered in Paris by night, searching for locations which could look like in the game, and I'm really happy with the result! I only wish I could have lost my extra weight before doing the shoot, but well, now it's done, and I don't plan to do it again. x)


Gwegz as Axel, thanks for the props and the fun!

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