Original costumes

Character :

Cabaret / Burlesque girl : Trixie "Pixie" White

Worn at :

Bal Cosplay 2010 at La Guerche castle

Awards :

none (no contest)

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And the story...

I saw this lovely corset degign on a website (trashy.com) a long time ago. I thought it would be cool to add some parts and turn it into a cabaret outfit. My friends loved the idea, there was just one point on which they didn't agree: I wanted all the costumes to be white + bright color because I wanted to make something sexy, colorful and cute, like lollipops =) But they all wanted black costumes, cause you know, white makes you look fat and black is more elegant and all this. So we decided that I would be the only one in white, and so everybody was satisfied :p
For this group, as for the Eternal Sailors group we made some times ago, Ivy made all the tutorials and the patterns of several parts, making everything possible and quite easy to do even for someone who had never sewn a corset in his life. I'm really thankful because thanks to her, all our costumes looked almost the same again.
Indeed, nothing was really difficult to make, but very, very long, especially making and sewing all the stripes. And I must say this damn little hat annoyed me a lot. Everything else was quite easy, thanks to Ivy's patterns.
I'm quite satisfied of my costume, even if for many reasons, I didn't enjoy wearing it a lot because I was definitely not feeling good this day. Moreover, Minnimay had made a super cool choreography for us to make a little surprise and dance all together, but for various reasons I couldn't dance with the group, and I still feel very sad about it. I'm not sure that I'll ever enter this kind of group, because even if the result is always more than beautiful, it's too much stress to handle for me. I hope we'll be able to do a photoshoot later, because these costumes really deserve it. =)


From left to right on the 5th picture: Judykael (yellow), Lex (emerald green), Minnimay (red), Ayumi-chan (dark green), Selaine (blue), Ariah (purple), Ivy (light pink), Dolly (fuschia)... and Teur as Al Capone ;)

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