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Character :

Card Girl (8 of Diamonds)

From :

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

Worn at :

Japan Expo 2006, Festival du Jeu Video 2006, Galeries Lafayette "Asiatic" cosplay 2008, Cosplay Le Livre

Awards :


Pictures courtesy of :

Ivy (photoshoot), Andy Julia (2010 shoot), Guy, DLG, Prof. Okashi

And the story...

My friends wanted to make a little Miyuki-chan group at Japan Expo 2006. Kirae and Milady already had their costumes, and HaruVamp was coming from Germany with her Queen of Hearts costume, so they asked me if I could make a costume from the series so we could take pictures all together. As I had always liked the Cards design, I chose to make a Card costume, simple and cute ^^ In the end, we were only 3 to take pictures together XD But I like this costume a lot, I don't regret I made it!
The costume was quite easy to make, and not expensive at all since I used cheap fabric. I chose the number 8 because Kirae and Sana-Kan had already used the number 7, and I didn't want to take a little number because I would have had 3-4 poor Diamonds patterns on my apron. I chose the Diamonds because I wanted a red costume, and as Sana-Kan had made a Hearts card, I took the other red cards ;)
Later in 2010, I had the opportunity to wear this costume again for Eugenie Chidlin's book, "Cosplay Le Livre", and to take pictures with Andy Julia. The pics at the bottom of this page all come from this photoshoot. Please note that none of them was edited. ;) The book was released in 2011.


HaruVamp as the Queen of Hearts, Milady as Miyuki-chan.

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