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Character :

Chibi Usa, wedding dress

From :

Sailor Moon, art books

Worn at :

Epita 2006

Awards :

3rd place in Groups category

Pictures courtesy of :

Ryuu, DLG, CÚdrille, Guy, Kojiboy

And the story...

When I make a Sailor Moon costume, I usually choose to make Sailor Venus. But this time, when I heard about the group, there were only 2 or 3 characters left... I chose Chibi Usa because even if I'm not very fond of her as a character, I really like her design and especially her hairstyle! Plus, she has pink hair, and I love pink hair ^^ I also liked her dress a lot on this illustration, compared to some others.
The costume is a simple dress. I'm missing the big bow in the back because I lacked of white fabric, and it was too late to buy some more. I also regret that my petticoat wasn't wide enough. :(
The wig was funny to make, but it was a bit long! I bought polystyrene eggs and glued pink fake hair on them, and it took me a long time because I made it in a very particular way. I was very afraid the buns would fall, but in the end, everything went perfectly. ^^ I like the result, even if I would have preferred to find a wig of a lighter shade of pink!


Milady as Usagi, Tite-Dana as Ami, Ela´se as Rei, Co as Makoto, Ivy as Minako, Judykael as Hotaru, Misia as Haruka, Ariah as Michiru, Minnimay as Setsuna, P@m as Mamoru, CÚdrille as Luna!

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