Original costumes

Character :

Golden Dollfie (Asian Doll)

Worn at :

Japan Expo 2006, Japan Addict 2007, Galeries Lafayette "Asiatic" cosplay (2008)

Awards :

1st place at Galeries Lafayette "Asiatic" cosplay

Pictures courtesy of :

Ryuu, DLG, Luce, Pixel_K, Enelia

And the story...

This fabulous creation is from 2 German cosplayers, HaruVamp and AngelosAyumi! They imagined the costume's design, the make up, well, everything ^^ HaruVamp was in touch with Milady and asked her to make a group at Japan Expo. Milady asked Ela´se and me, while Haru asked another German friend of her. I thought about it for some times, because I had already 2 costumes to make for the convention. But the design was too gorgeous to refuse, and I accepted. ^^ I wanted to make the costume in black, but I finally made it golden.
We had to make exactly the same dress in chinese brocade fabric, each of us in the color we had chosen. I was first searching for black fabric, but there was a problem: the little corset had to be black too, and black on black wouldn't have looked so good. There was not many colours choice at the fabric stores at this time, but fortunately, I found a beautiful golden fabric in one of them! =)
The dress itself was not difficult to make, but I had some trouble with the corset, because I had no accurate pattern and it was my first time making one. Making the hair hoop was a bit long too, but nothing really difficult.
No, the real difficult thing in this costume was... changing! XD There was no changing room this day at the convention, and we had to change all together in the hot hot hot toilets. It took us more than 4 hours, because we had to put on many costume parts: dresses, corsets, stockings, wigs, hair hoops, various accessories... But the longest part of it all was doing the make up! Mine was done by Enelia (base) and Haru (black patterns and eyelashes). I really thank them because the result was really gorgeous!
I'm really glad I was part of this group, it was a bit of an expensive costume but the result was so elegant and colorful, I don't regret anything! Thanks to the girls who let me join them. ^^


HaruVamp as Blue Dollfie, Mi-chan as Pink Dollfie, Milady as Green Dollfie, Ela´se as Red Dollfie!
(Please note that the thumbnails do not show the entire pictures, click on them to see everybody! ^^)

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