Historical & Fencing costumes

Character :

"Lady Charlotte" or random Court Lady

Worn at :

Various fencing related events since 2006

Pictures courtesy of :

Ryuu, Atalaric

And the story...

I was in my 2nd fencing year, and I started to be fed up with my old "costumes". As I had to play the role of Milady de Winter in the club's show at the end of the year, it was the occasion to sew a dress! ^^ I was free to make the costume I wanted.
I absolutely wanted my first historical dress (or rather, historical-looking dress :P )to be purple. Unfortunately, there wasn't many choice in the fabrics stores, I had the utmost difficulty to find the colour I wanted! Finally, I found this gorgeous lilac fabric with embroidered silver patterns, and I was very happy with it *__* To sew the dress, I used a wedding dress pattern that I modified a bit, and on Milady's advice, I added some lace on the white parts. The dress clearly isn't purely historical, but to non-specialist people, it looks like it is ^^ I made it very solid because I needed to be able to duel many times with it. I wore it in various events, especially at the fabulous "Journée Grand Siècle" held at Vaux le Vicomte castle each year in June!


Lames du Marais ^^

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