Anime & Manga costumes

Character :

Eternal Sailor Venus

From :

Sailor Moon

Worn at :

Paris Manga September 2008, Japan Expo 2009

Awards :

2nd place in Groups at Paris Manga 2008

Pictures courtesy of :

DLG (photoshoot, editing by Ivy), Ryuu, FlexGraph (photoshoot), friends

And the story...

If you're familiar with this website, you have probably noticed that I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan ;)
Making this group was my n1 cosplay dream! I wanted to be part of a complete Sailor Team since the day I decided to start cosplaying. So, when we finally decided to make this group, I was more than happy ^^ Me and a friend gathered friends for the group, but... Something like 3 months before the convention, I discovered by chance that I and several friends had been, let's say, replaced, without even being told. I was very angry, disappointed and sad at the same time because I really wanted to make this group. I decided to make the costume alone nevertheless.
But... When I told the story to Ivy, she didn't like it at all, and decided to help me to make another group! I asked the girls who had been thrown out of the other group like me, she asked some friends, and in a few day we had a complete Sailor Team. As all the girls were Sailor Moon fans, it wasn't difficult at all to convince them to join the group. :P Some people still like to claim that we stole the others's idea, but as you can see, the reality is kind of different. ;) Being excluded of your own group is something you wouldn't like, right? ^^
To speak about the costumes, we all agreed to choose the Eternal sailor suits, because they were our favourites. We went to the fabric shops together with the artbooks pictures and searched for the most accurate colors we could find. Ivy made all the patterns and a great tutorial for us all, and we worked in group, each girl helping others on their costumes. ^^ Gradriel made all the tiaras, Ivy made all the star-shaped brooches. In the end, all the costumes really looked the same, and we were all very satisfied with the result! I must say I would never have dreamt of such a group! Flammechant made a nice choreography for the convention, and we had so much fun there, we spent an awesome day all together. I really thank all the girls who joined the group, it remains one of my best cosplay memories. =)
(If you're interested in the patterns Ivy made: everything is here, it's all in French but the many pictures should help you!)


Flammechant as Sailor Moon, GallyAngel as Mercury, Memakumo as Mars, Windallia as Jupiter, Misia as Saturn, Ivy as Uranus, Gradriel as Neptune, Minnimay as Pluto, YuKaRi as Chibi Moon. Many thanks to each of them.

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