Original costumes

Character :

Butterfly Fairy

Worn at :

Photoshoot only (2004)

Awards :

none (no contest)

Pictures courtesy of :

My dad ^^

And the story...

Some friends had the idea to make a cosplayers calendar, and they chose the Fairies theme. They asked me if I wanted to join, and I agreed. I hesitated a lot before choosing my fairy... I finally chose the butterflies theme, and was to be put in June on the calendar. In the end, the calendar was never done because some of us gave up or made their costumes too late, but I still have some photos ^^; (...taken by my dad in 15 minutes in the garden on a November afternoon by 5C :D )
This costume was kind of made in a rush. At this time, I had no sewing machine in Paris, so I had to wait till I came back to my parent's home to begin to sew. I'm really not fond of the result: the top has no shape, the skirt is too short, the ribbons are not very well sewn, and you can't see the little butterflies-shaped pearls all over the costume. I like my wings, but unfortunately they aren't large enough. I wish I had had more time to make something better ^^;

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