Video Games Costumes

Character :

Hibiki Ganaha

From :

The Idolm@ster 2

Worn at :

Japan Expo Sud 2012, Centre Pompidou "Planete Manga" in March 2012, Epitanime 2012

Awards :


Pictures courtesy of :

Dirtyvonp (photoshoot), DLG (con pics)

And the story...

I love Idolmaster! I didn't have the chance to play the games yet, but I watched the anime and spent a lot of time watching videos on Youtube ^^ Hibiki is one of my favourites characters, so I decided to cosplay as her. But I absolutely wanted a girly, pink, idol-ish outfit, and I didn't find anything I really liked... Then I found a video of Hibiki in the lovely "876 pro - Cute Ai" dress (Ai Hidaka's dress), and I just loved the design! I decided to go for this one, even if it was not representative of Hibiki.
I don't regret my choice, even if this costume quickly appeared to be tricky. I had a hard time finding the right color of fabric (which isn't exactly the right shade of pink indeed), making the skirt correctly, sewing the sleeve which is supposed to stand by itself... =_= Making this costume involved a lot of hand-sewing, and I spent much more time working on it than expected. But in the end, I was quite proud of my dress, it's not perfect but I loved wearing it. I only wish I had a better wig... This one really doesn't fit me, I hate it :( If I make other Hibiki outfits later, I will definitely buy a new wig!

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