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From :

The 5th Element

Worn at :

Chibi Japan Expo 2008, Epitanime 2009

Awards :

Best in show at Chibi Japan Expo, Judge's choice + 4th place in Show at Epitanime

Pictures courtesy of :

CoolADN, Blaknight, DLG, Prof.Okashi, Ludovix, Tidus

And the story...

I'm a huge fan of The 5th Element, it's definitely one of my favourites movies ever. I wanted to do a Stewardesses group for a very long time! When I asked my friends, they immediately accepted. Unfortunately, several of them finally couldn't come with us, and we were only 3. Anyway, it was one of my greatest cosplay moments! Minnimay was totally EPIC as Ruby, and Ivy's costume was flawless. Mine sucked a lot, but we had so much fun on stage at Chibi Japan Expo, that we decided to do it again at Epitanime the following year. We were meant to be more stewardesses this time, but once again, the other girls couldn't make it, and we were 3 again. x)
As for the costume itself... The girls were perfect, but I FAILED so much, I was so ashamed :'D Ivy had made the patterns for the outfits, and I had understood how to make everything. But... I can't explain how nor why, but once back home, I just couldn't make this damn bra correctly. That's why the back of my costume looks pretty good, while the front is definitely one of the ugliest disasters I ever committed. Honestly... you'd better watch our performance (here!) rather than these pictures ^^; Maybe I'll find the courage to remake it someday... I really hope so, I love this movie too much to leave it like this!


Minnimay as Ruby Rhod, Ivy as Stewardess

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