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Character :


From :

Yu Yu Hakusho

Worn at :

Japan Addict 2008

Awards :

none (no contest)

Pictures courtesy of :

DLG, Aoshi, Pixel_K, Ben

And the story...

Yu Yu Hakusho is one of my top favourites series. I wanted to make a cosplay from this series, but female characters don't have very interesting outfits... I chose Juri because she was quite cute and had an original costume. ^^
This costume was originally planned for a big group in 2006, but I fell ill and couldn't come T_T I was very disappointed because I really wanted to be part of this group. Fortunately, 2 years later, some friends decided to make another little YYH group, and this time I joined them. Luce and Flammechant helped me to finish the black bodysuit I had to remake, and I could finally wear the costume =)


Luce as Kurama, Flammechant as Yohko Kurama, Ludo as Koenma, and Aoshi as Hiei.

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