Anime & Manga costumes

Character :

Kallen Stadtfeld (Ashford Academy uniform)

From :

Code Geass

Worn at :

Cartoon Beach 2008, Bal Cosplay at La Guerche castle (February 2009), Anim'Est 2011

Awards :

none (no contest)

Pictures courtesy of :

Nenmacil (photoshoot)

And the story...

I'm a huge Code Geass fan! Kallen is my favourite female character of the series and I wanted to make several outfits of her. The Ashford uniform was on my to-do list, it's so elegant and very different of the school uniforms we usually see in animes!
When I first worn this costume, it wasn't finished at all... I improved it later for a photoshoot: I remade the front piece, changed the buttons, remade the collar and the black parts on the sleeves, added the tie, etc. Making the costume wasn't really difficult, but as the sewing pattern I had wasn't accurate at all, I had to do many adjustments. In fact, the most difficult thing was finding the fabric! This strange color is sooo hard to find! I searched for a very long time, and finally was lucky enough to find the almost perfect fabric in a little shop. ^^ I'm very happy of the color of my costume, I think it's really accurate =) On the other hand, I'm a bit upset with my collar, because it tends to "slip" off my shoulders, and it looks a bit strange sometimes... Same thing for the belt, I think that I put it a little bit too high on the jacket, but it was too late to change this since I noticed it at the end of the photoshoot. >_>

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