Video Games Costumes

Character :

Lenna (Reina) Charlotte Tycoon - job Dancer

From :

Final Fantasy V

Worn at :

FNAC cosplay for Final Fantasy XIII release (2010), Japan Expo 2010, Harajuku 2010

Awards :

none (no contest)

Pictures courtesy of :

CoolADN (photoshoot), Thotht, Ludovix, Daniel Power, Rhyad

And the story...

I don't know Final Fantasy V much, but I've always loved Dancer Lenna's sprite because of the colors! I decided to make this costume for the FFXIII French release at the FNAC. They wanted cosplayers from the Final Fantasy series, and as I had no new FF costume to wear and no time at all, I went for this simple outfit. I made almost everything on the day before the release, and I must say I first wasn't very satisfied of my work. But thanks to CoolADN, we could make a little photoshoot months later at a small convention, and his lovely pics almost reconciled me to my costume. :p

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