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Character :

Leo Gold Saint / Aiolia, female version

From :

Saint Seiya Golden Angels, artbook by Future Studio

Worn at :

Photoshoot only (2007)

Awards :

none (wasn't there but the group won the 1st place and the Audience prize)

Pictures courtesy of :

Ryuu, DLG, Milady

And the story...

When Milady showed us the beautiful Golden Angels designs, I wanted to do one *___* I hesitated a lot between several characters, and finally chose the Leo ^^ Making this costume was a real challenge, as I had never made any armor before. Sometimes I feel like I should never have done it ^^; It was difficult, expensive, and I couldn't finish it properly. Many parts are missing, especially on the legs, and most of the details I put on it are barely visible. I have mixed feelings about this costume: sometimes I feel like I'm very proud of it because it's not so bad for a first try, and sometimes I think it was nothing but time consuming and expensive crap... It's very frustrating!
Making this costume was a real pain. Hours to draw and cut paper patterns, hours to try to imagine how the parts not showed on the illustrations could look, hours cutting thick plastic, hours trying to give the damn plastic the right shapes, hours to make the little details, well, it was very long and difficult. Fortunately I was not alone while making the whole thing, Luce helped me a lot on the top, and Aoshi helped us to curve some plastic parts into the right shapes.
Speaking about plastic, I think chosing this material is my deepest regret. I wanted to make like the other girls, who made their costumes out of metal or plastic. I regret I let myself influenced by their choices, because if I had simply followed my mind, I would probably have made everything like my "skirt" part, with thin plastic sheets glued on fake leather. It's been way easier than the rest, and it looks as nice as everything else. But well, it's all my fault if I chose the hardest way =)


On the pics: Ela´se as Taurus, Ichigo as Gemini, Luce as Cancer, Rinny as Libra, Milady as Scorpio, Zedrielle as Sagittarius.
Not on the pics: Memakumo as Athena, Gradriel as Aries, Kirae as Virgo, Dandlit as Aquarius.

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