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Cosplayers from all over the world! (still under construction ^^ )

Minnimay    Ivy

Jill Valentine    Rinny
Ange    Lex
Clef    Astria
Elaïse    Lyel
Bunnymoon & Bunnystars    Judykael
Ludo    Dadou
LucioleS    Amnesias
Julie    Ako

Angelphie & Ashe   

Anna the Tekken    Cosetta Ginevra    Layla AuraRinoa    Angel Hitomi Falketta    Giorgia Misa   

AeChan    BlackCat Death Angel    Cami Rydia   

AmazonMandy    Angel Samui Fire Lily    Lillyxandra & Haruka Hikaruhime    D Ichigokitty    Angelwing

Ayane    Inglaterra



Feena    Celestial Celes




The photographers who kindly let me use their pictures, and other photographers!

Ryuu    DLG
Aoshi    Nenmacil
Kojiboy    Prof. Okashi
Ben    Blaknight
Flexgraph    Cooladn

Cosplay communities and online galleries!
Cosplay.com    Cosspace
Cosplaylab    American Cosplay Paradise
Cure    Cosplay Forum France

Other cool links!

Association DoReMi Game & Cie    Association Objectif Costumes
Lames du Marais    Edguy
Poupée Girl    Bunta Trip
Cosplay Mag    Crash System