Video Games Costumes

Character :


From :

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Worn at :

High Score 2010, Opening of the Video Games Museum (Musee du Jeu Video, 13/04/2010), Lovin Japan 2010, Fnac contest (July 2010)

Awards :

3rd place at Fnac contest

Pictures courtesy of :

Updaterequired (photoshoot), Foosooya

And the story...

Zelda Ocarina of Time is a game I really, really loved to play. The scenario, the characters, the musics, everything was beautiful and inspiring. I used to like Malon a bit more than others characters, she's just the cute girl who helps ^^ Plus, I loved her design, her outfit and her colors.
It's been a real pleasure to work on this costume! The outfit itself was not difficult to sew, but all the patterns on the shirt, skirt and apron took me a long, long time to do. Oh yes, hours of very precise measurings and hand painting it was... But I think the time spent on it totally worthed it! I'm really happy with the overall result ^__^ I only didn't take the time to work on the boots and simply bought brown ones... which I couldn't find anywhere in my appartment the day of the photoshoot. Of course, I found them again one week later. -_-" Anyway, I really love the photoshoot we did, the light was so beautiful this day, and we were lucky enough to be lent a pony for some minutes!

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