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Character :

Super Sailor Mercury

From :

Sailor Moon SuperS

Worn at :

Japan Expo 2011, Geek FaŽries 2012

Awards :


Pictures courtesy of :

Christian, Hubert and Merlin (photoshoot), Cooladn, Zyzy, unknown and Negus Nyko (con pics)

And the story...

Well, not my best group memory at all. x) Friends were talking about making a Sailor Moon group, and as I had planned to do Mercury for myself, I joined them. The idea of a simple group slowly evolved in a greater one: making a big group and performing on stage several songs from the musical SeraMyu. As a big fan of the series AND the musical, I really was very enthusiastic. ^^ But the project was too ambitious: it soon appeared that we would never be ready in time, and we decided to perform only one song in lipdub. I first thought I would really love to do this, but... it appeared that the way we used to work was too strict for me. I wanted a good result, of course, but I also wanted to have fun, and working like this was definitely not my idea of fun. Anyway, I put a lot in this group, I did my best, and the day of the contest, the audience seemed to like our performance. Several people also sayed it was crap, but I don't agree, it was not perfect but not as catastrophic as they said. ;)
Speaking of the costume, I'm not 100% satisfied with it. Especially with the DAMN boots. I had made perfect ones I was very proud of, with the same fabric as my outfit; but one of them just ripped before the contest while I was rehearsing at home. I had to go to the con without boots. I remade vinyl boots later, but they look like crap, in my opinion. I'm very frustrated about this. I'm also missing the little transparent sleeves: first I forgot to sew them (genius.), then I made new ones which were damaged, and new ones again which got damaged AGAIN. I decided to simply remove them in the end. As for the fabric, I wanted to try, but I wish we had chosen something else. It was uselessly expensive and really not the best choice. Same for the tube we put into the white rolls, not very comfortable in my opinion, I replaced it with simple foam later.
The last thing that frustrated me is that I couldn't go to the group photoshoot. Our Pluto was missing too, but still, I would have liked to have some group pics. Well... not my best group memory, I told you. But I'm still hopeful, I'd love to do a SeraMyu performance one day, maybe it will finally happen ;)


Nikita as Moon, Gwen as Mars, Puck as Jupiter, Ichigo as Venus, Yuan as Saturn, Rowen as Uranus, Rinny as Neptune, Kirae as Pluto.

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