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Character :

Minako, maid/waitress outfit

From :

Sailor Moon, art books

Worn at :

Festival Delcourt/Harajuku 2006

Awards :

none (no contest)

Pictures courtesy of :

Ryuu, DLG, Guy

And the story...

I always liked this illustration, so colorful, with the striped aprons and all the fruits. ^^ When Milady told me that Minako was available again in her group, I immediately joined.
I must tell... I don't like this costume much XD It's not very well sewn, and it doesn't suit me at all: I look fat in it and it's so orange that even my skin seems to be orange. This is the proof that if a costume looks cute on the picture, it might be a disaster when we bring it to life. :P
Want a funny fact? As my character had both oranges and ananas, I chose to bring an ananas in order to reduce the orange colour amount. My mistake was to buy it several days before the event. On the day of the convention, greenish spots had started to appear on it, and it smelled very strongly of ananas... Yes, my fruit had started to go mouldy. I had to hide the rotten side on the pictures because it wasn't very glorious XD


Milady as Usagi, Sana-kan as Ami, Kirae as Makoto. Rinny was Chibi Usa but I have no pictures with her. :(

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