Anime & Manga costumes

Character :

Mio Akiyama, "Don't Say Lazy" Ending outfit

From :


Worn at :

Bull'Espoir 2009, Paris Manga 2011, Japan Expo Centre 2011, Costume Player 19 (March 2012)

Awards :

none (no contest)

Pictures courtesy of :

Blaknight (photoshoot), Goldonat

And the story...

I discovered K-ON! totally by chance! I was searching for anime sheet music on various websites, when I heard a sample of "Don't say Lazy". I liked the melody, but had never heard of K-ON before, so I searched for the song on Youtube. And this is how I saw the girls' cute costumes for the first time =) My favourite outfit was Mio's. At this time, I wanted to sew something cute and easy. I watched the anime, which I found cute, to be sure I liked the character I had chosen, and decided to go for this costume.

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