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Character :

Minako, sailor outfit

From :

Sailor Moon, art books

Worn at :

Festival Delcourt/Harajuku 2006

Awards :

none (no contest)

Pictures courtesy of :


And the story...

I was searching for another costume to make for the Harajuku convention. I didn't want to make anything difficult nor expensive, that's why I thought about this cute illustration of the Sailors in sailors outfits. I asked my friends to join me, and they where kinda enthusiastic. ^^ We couldn't find all the characters, but it was a nice group anyway.
Making this group was very relaxing : no difficulties, no stress! The weather at the con was a bit cold, but we didn't care. We really had a very good time with these costumes!


Milady as Usagi, Ela´se as Rei, Rinny as Makoto, Sana-kan as Hotaru, Kirae as Michiru, Jenny as Setsuna.

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