Hello! First update from my new appartment! I've been moving ^^ I took some time to update with a costume from 2012, Hibiki Ganaha from The Idolm@ster 2! I don't like my face in this costume but I like the pics. Take a look at them! :)
There's still so much to do here... Making a new layout, uploading many costumes... Stay tuned! v_v

Hi there! o/ Some news today:
* I updated the Sister Paula page with pics taken by Andy Julia in 2010 for Cosplay le Livre. The pics were not edited, I had to choose a few of them among dozens. @_@
* I also updated the Find me! page with the next conventions I'll attend.
* And that's all for today! Next update next month, hopefully...

Hello! First update of 2014, it was about time! Time really flies ^^; Here are the news:
* I know Christmas time is behind us, but I uploaded my Christmas kit Ranka photoshooting! Not my best costume, but I like the pics a lot and I hope you'll enjoy them too!
* I also updated the Find me! page with the next conventions I'll attend.
* That's all for today! I still have so many pics to upload, I'm really late with updates... V_V I'm trying my best but I seriously lack time. Stay tuned!

Hello! This is probably the last update before 2014 :p And it's a small one! ^^ I remembered I had some quite old pics I had never uploaded here... So I'm going to spend some time updating old costumes before I start with the newer ones!
* Today, I added a few pics to my Card Girl from Miyuki-chan in Wonderland! The pics are at the bottom of the page, there were all taken by Andy Julia when we made the Alice-themed photoshoot for Cosplay Le Livre in 2010. Please note that these pics were NOT edited. ^^
* And that's it for today! I'm starting to plan the beginning of my 2014 cosplay year... I have a lot of important choices to make. Stay tuned! :)

Hi again! I'm trying hard to keep this website up to date... I'm starting to upload "old" costumes. :) What's new this time:
*I made a page for my Ranka "Anata no oto" pink dress! No photoshoot this time again, I used convention pics from various photographers. Maybe I'll do a photoshoot in the future. :)
*And that's it for today! I finished a new costume in the past weeks, it still needs improvement (hair, belt and shoes especially), but here is how my Video Girl Ai looks like at the moment (thanks for N8e for this pic!):

Do you remember her? ;)

Hello! Time for a little update, at least! What's new here?
* I finally made a page for my Zelda from the Wind Waker! Better late than never... I never made a photoshoot for this costume, so there are only good con and stage pics, taken from various photographers. Maybe I'll do a photoshoot some day, who knows! ^^;
* That's all for today! I have a lot of things to upload here, I'll try to do more regular updates. Thank you for still following my website!

This website is not dead! Neither am I. :) Look, I made costumes this year...

No, I'm just a bit lazy, because it's a lot of work to update everything each time... Plus, this layout is really outdated, and I'm seriously thinking of redoing the entire website. It just takes a loooot of time, cause I need to choose a new layout and so on ^^; So, I'll try to continue to slowly update here, until I'm done with the new version. Meanwhile, you can still find me on Facebook, for more frequent news! Click here! I also upload my newest costumes on various galeries, especially on DeviantArt. Stay tuned, as always!~

Oops, no updates since March! @_@ Let's make up lost time a bit!
*What's new since my last update? Only 2 new costumes:

Ariel, and the bunny girl from the Puff-puff club in Dragon Quest VIII. ^^ To tell the truth, I didn't make only these 2 since March, but the other ones are uncomplete for the moment, or I don't have any pics yet. I'll update with the rest in 2013. ^^
*I finally made updates here! Two new pages are online:
- my Super Sailor Mercury from my favourite series :p
- and the Puma sisters from Dominion Tank Police, with con pics because I'm now sure we'll never have a real photoshoot.

That's it for today, don't forget my Facebook page for more regular news! See you in 2013!

Hello! Mini news/updates time ^^
* Here is a pic of my 2 last costumes: Ranka, that I'd already worn in 2011, but with the boots this time, and Hibiki Ganaha from the Idolm@ster 2, with the "Cute Ai " dress:

* After almost one year of inactivity, I made a new music video last month! It's Misato's theme from Evangelion. ^^

* I'm now a member of Pixidols! You can find my profile here.
* And last but not least, I finally made a small page for the 5th Element stewardess costume, with con pictures only, as I'm really not sure I'll have better pics one day. Yes, I'm trying hard to make all those "SOON" disappear from my website ^^;

That's it for today, see you soon!

Hello! Time for an update and some news!
* The Malon page is online! I love this photoshoot done with Updaterequired!
* The Find me! section is up to date as usual, with the next events I'll be attending. The first one is in only two days and the second one at the end of the week. Nothing new for me, I'm just going to finish my Hibiki (from Idolmaster, made for Japan Expo Sud) and my Ranka and wear them again!
* I just started a Facebook page! It'll probably be mainly for anime and game music I play on the piano, but I'll use it a bit as a cosplay page too. Don't hesitate to like and share! Thank you! ^^
* And that's it for today! See you as soon as I get new pics to share! =)

Hi again! I... can't believe I updated only 3 times last year... @_@ I really need to do more photoshoots and update more often ^^; But I'm waiting for pics of several costumes now, so let's hope I won't wait until next year to put something new here. ^^; So, what's new this time?
* Here is a small preview pic of my latest costume, it's Ranka Lee in her cute pink dress:

I still need to make the boots, but I'm planning to wear this costume again in the following months, so it'll at least be complete. ^^

* I finally posted my Asuka pics, taken by Blaknight last summer. I'm still waiting for other pics of this costume, I'll add them later.
* The Find me! section is up to date as usual, with the next events I'll be attending. I also added a new link to my World Cosplay gallery! By the way, you'll probably notice I separated the galleries list into two, because I stopped updating some of them I didn't use anymore.
* I also added two new links, please visit my new Italian and Spanish fellow cosplayers Misa and Rydia!

Well that's it for today, see you soon (hopefully!) for next updates!

Four months later... Hello again o/ The biggest conventions of the year are now over, and I'm on holiday. I hope I'll be able to take pictures of some costumes during summer. Here are my last costumes:

-Zelda: started at the beginning of the year, finally finished. x)
-Asuka: a quick and comfy costume, I loved wearing it. :3
-Mercury: for a Sailor Moon group, it felt strange not to be Venus this time. But it was fun ^^ I need to remake the boots, one of them ripped the day before the contest.
-Dominion: I'm alone on the picture but it was a duo with my dear friend Shoko. She made an awesome job on all the props! We'll do a photoshoot very soon.

Nothing really new here, I'm still waiting for new pics, but the weather has been awful in France for weeks, and I was able to do nothing =_= Let's hope it gets better soon. Meanwhile, I added some minor stuff:
* The Find me! section is up to date, a lot of small and big events are coming!
* I added some US and French websites on the Links page! Say hello to Ako, Luce, and Angelwing!
* And I completely forgot to post here the last music video I made! We recorded it a few months ago. New videos will follow in September. ^^

See you soon (or not... :p ) for more updates!

Hi again! I know, I know, I wanted to update once a month, but it's already a big fail, so far. :') Here are the news!
* The biggest news is THIS:

It's out! After months and months of work, it's over and our book is finally out. You can take a look at the book's website here! The facebook page is here. Check them out! ;)

* What else is new here? There's a new page for my Mio costume from K-ON! , with pics by Blaknight.
* I also made another music video last month, it's from Final Fantasy again, I bet you all know this melody ^_~

See you soon, hopefully, for more updates!

Hello everyone! I wish you a Happy New Year! 2011 started like... hell for me, so let's not think about it and begin the year in music! I finally took the time to make a new music video for my Youtube channel, it's Aimo from Macross Frontier :3

If you prefer Dailymotion, I now have a Dailymotion account as well.

Nothing else new for today, I'm currently preparing new costumes for the upcoming events, you can take a look at the events list in the Find me! section, as usual. See you soon for more news!

Hi there! It's been a long time :p I'm still alive... I don't know how, but yeah, I'm still alive.
Today is kind of a special day... 10 years ago, on the same day, I was wearing my very first cosplay. I've now been officially cosplaying for ten years, I feel so old and nostalgic x) Let's hope I'll go on for some more years!

I've not done much since last time, only a little Pokemon costume for a big big group! My costume still isn't finished, I'll complete it later, but I'm glad I could be part of the biggest group seen in France since the beginning of cosplay! We were 46 persons on stage! :')

Another big news for me: I finally launched my Youtube channel, MinakosPlay! Thanks to Goldonat for filming! Please take a look at my first piano video! :3

And other than that, let's see what's new here...
* Lenna photoshoot with pics by CoolADN, and some other pics!
* Updated the Find Me! page with the next conventions I'm going to attend, and the link to my brand new Youtube channel.
That's all folks! ...or at least, for today! See you next time~~

Hello there! o/ Time for a birthday update! ...No I'm cheating, it was yesterday ^.^ So, what have I done since last time?
Well, I went to several events and made 2 new costumes:

Dancer Lenna from FFV, and Malon from Zelda Ocarina of Time. But the pages aren't online yet :( What is online today is:
* Small Minako photoshoot with pics by Henri!
* Some pics of our cabaret/burlesque group, taken by Blaknight at the Cosplay Ball.
* I also updated the Find Me! page, as usual.
* And last but not least, added 3 new Links! Please pay a visit to my French fellows Amnesias and Julie, and don't forget to visit Ichigokitty from the USA, her costumes are awesome!
See you next time for more updates!~ Big conventions are coming, I'm going to get really busy @_@

Hi there! o/ Just came back from the cosplay ball at the castle ^^ I must admit that for various reasons, I didn't enjoy it much, but let's forget about it. We made a cool cabaret/burlesque group with my friends:

I'm the one in white, and OMG it's my 50th costume already! We definitely need a photoshoot for this group! Meanwhile, maybe I'll update the page with the few ball pics we have. (thanks to Blaknight for them, by the way.)
Nothing else new here for the moment, I only updated the Find me! page with a bunch of upcoming events I'm going to attend! See you soon for more updates :3

Hello there! Phew~, the end of January is near already... Is it too late to wish you all a happy new year? I don't think so! ;) Happy New Year everybody! ^^
There's not much new here today, but here it is:
* The Sheryl page is online! I only have convention pics for the moment, but a photoshoot is planned, stay tuned! =)
* I updated the Find me! section, since I decided not to go to Paris Manga this time. :( I'll add more events soon!
* Finally, I added a new link to a great cosplayer's website, it's Inglaterra from Mexico, don't forget to take a look at her Chun-Li costumes! ^^
Thank you and see you next month!

Hi everybody! Long time no news, heh? Here's the last update of the year! ^^
* The new Blaze page is finally online! Thanks to Nenmacil for the photoshoot, and to Gwegz for being such a cool Axel! We spent a great time together!
* I updated the Find me! section with 2010's first events.
* I also added new Links, please take a look at the French, Italian, and new Russian sections!
Thank you and see you next time! o/

Hey, guess what? This little website is already 1 year old! Happy birthday! \o/
I really want to thank the 3000++ visitors who took the time to visit my page! When I opened the site last year, I didn't think it would attract so many people in such a short time ^^ Thank you very much for your support! And see you soon for updates ! ;)

Hello! I'm trying to keep this website up to date, it's not easy but I'm trying! ^^
I've been very, very busy last months... I had to postpone almost everything I had planned ;_; Couldn't go to Paris Manga, couldn't go the the Festival du Jeu Video either. =_= I only managed to attend the Harajuku festival with this little costume:

Not a big deal but still better than nothing. ^^

So, let's talk about today's updates!
*The Cat's Eye page is online, with pictures taken at the famous Louvre by Guillaume Eymard! It was his first cosplay photoshoot, thanks to him for giving us the pictures so quickly!
*Added a bunch of new Links! Cosplayers from Italy, Spain, USA, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia, don't forget to visit their websites too!
See you next month for new updates!

Hi everybody! I decided to update this website more often, so, here are some updates!
* The Eternal Sailor Venus page is online with pictures of the whole group! Thanks to Ivy who made an awesome job on editing DLG's pics, I was finally able to put the page online, 8 months after having done the photoshooting. x) Thanks to all the photographers!
* I updated the Find me! section with 3 events I'll attend.
Thank you for visiting and see you soon for more updates!

Woah, more than 2 months without an update. O_ Let's make up the delay!
So, what happened to me during this time? Well, more bad things than good things, I guess, like, couldn't finish my costume for the WCS, disastrophic Japan Expo, sickness, and over private crap that prevented me from doing what I had planned.
But everything isn't so bad, I still managed to finish this:

But I don't have enough nice pics at the moment, that's why I updated this website with other things. So, what's new here?

* I totally renewed my Anthy page with new pics from Ashura! Well, not really "new": Ashura re-edited pics she took 2 years ago and sent me the whole set, including many pics I had never seen. Take a look at the page! ^^
* Added 2 videos in the Others section, check out Cat's Eye and The 5th Element!
* Updated the Find me! section with the next events I'll be attending =)
* Added some new Links, please visit my French and Italian friends websites too!
* ...and that's it for today. See you soon for some new stuff!

Update time! Ulala is online! Also updated Sister Paula's page with pictures from Ryuu!

Hello hello! I've been busy again, I must really take some time to update this website... But well, I had my birthday, new costumes to make, and a new costume done! Here's a little preview:

Yes, we were finally able to make this Cat's Eye group! I'm very very happy, the party at the Olympia was very nice, and we had a lot of fun with these costumes! Ivy is Hitomi, YuKaRi is Ai, and I'm Rui.
Check the website again very soon for updates!

Quick update again! I'm quite busy nowadays, and as I can't take new pictures for various reasons at the moment, I just added some videos. You can see the new video of Ulala as well as the old videos of the Sailors brides and Naruto on the Others page!
I also added new links to French, German and Italian cosplayers, please visit their websites too ^^

Very quick update, added 4 new pictures on my Anthy page! The pics were taken by FlexGraph and Foosooya during the Cosplay bal at La Guerche castle last month.
The Find me! section is updated too. ^^

First post of the year! Just a very short post to say I'm still alive! ^^ My computer crashed shortly after Christmas, and I had to buy a new one... No internet at home for several weeks... T_T And now that I have a computer again, I have no time, because of my new job and all the costumes to make! So, no real updates until I have something really new to show ^^ For the moment, I simply added a new event in the Find me! section, and a new website banner on my Links page. I also changed the picture on the index page, it's a shot from our last photoshooting, I'll update as soon as I have the pictures from all the photographers!
For the people who sent me e-mails: I'm SORRY I made you wait for so long, I promise I'll answer as soon as I have a little time for it! Thank you for being so patient! See you soon ^^

Hello everybody!
I'm just posting quickly to wish you a Merry Christmas! ^^ I don't have much time to deal about the website at the moment, so I don't think I'll be able to upload new pictures until next year... but next year is getting close very fast ;)
Last week I went to Video Games Live, it was awesome! *___* A little cosplay contest was set up at the beginning of the concert, it was a good opportunity for me to wear my new version of my Blaze Fielding costume ^^ Will the VGL be coming to your country too? If so, I advise you to go, you'll have a very good time!
Last thing before I go, I think we'll soon have the pics of our last photoshoot with DLG and FlexGraph ^^ Here's a very small preview pic:

See you next time! o/
(PS: I promise I'll catch up with e-mails as soon as possible! Sorry for making you wait for so long!)

Hi everybody! I really haven't got time for anything at the moment, but it's gonna be better very soon! ^^ I added some things on this website today =)
-Added Ryuu's pictures on the Terra costume page! These pics were taken last year, when I wore the costume for the first time.
-2 new links are in the Links section, visit Angel Samui's and CarolMana-chan's websites! ^^
-I also updated the Find Me! section a bit, let's hope it won't change too much ^^
Me and my friends are going to take new pictures tomorrow, so, see you soon for more updates! :3

Hey, it's already been 1 month since this website opened! ^^ I added some little things today!
-3 new links are in the Links section! Please visit sexy Ayane from Mexico, DarkIceLady from Portugal, and cute Cosetta from Italy! I also replaced the CereCere link banner by a new one, check it out!
-Added 3 new videos in the Others section! Two of them are different views of our The 5th Element cosplay, and the other one is a "Music video" (new section!), guess what it is? =)
-And finally, bad news, I have to cancel my venue to Anim'Est in December T___T I changed the "Next event" in the Find Me! section.
Thank you for stopping by, see you soon for more updates!

I finally uploaded the photoshoot of Kallen from Code Geass ! Nenmacil took so many good pictures that I had a hard time picking only about forty of them ;_; The 46 pictures of the Ashford Academy are this way ! ^^
I also added links to very talented cosplayers! Don't forget to visit the cosplay websites of AmazonMandy from the USA, BlackCat and AeChan from Spain, and cute Clef from France!

Added some Links today! French, UK and Italian cosplayers, visit their websites too! =3 Also added a new photographer and a link to Crash System team ^^

A new costume is online, it's the Card Girl from Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, with beautiful pictures taken by Ivy last summer, check it out! ^^

Chibi Japan Expo is over! It was fun \o/ I'm not very satisfied with my costumes: I had to change my plans for Saturday, and my Sunday costume was not finished at all, but well, we had fun on stage and we even won the Show award, so... ^^ The DoReMi concert went well too, I'll try to find a video if someone has one!
Now the next convention is Anim'Est, check the Find me section for more informations ^^ And for the new costumes, I'll put pictures after we make the photoshoots. Now I start working on something else ;)

Due to personal issues, I had to cancel the Fnac cosplay, but well, I still made some updates here! ^^
Added new Cosplayers and Photographers links, and a new costume page is online, it's Juri from Yu Yu Hakusho =)

Yay! I finally have my own website ^^ I still need to add/improve some things, but at least it's open!
I really thank all the people who helped me in one way or another with this website, especially GoldoNat without whom I would still be working on it ^^ Thank you Nat for all your help and for correcting the bugs! I also thank all the photographers who kindly let me use their pictures, and Ivy, Luce, Milady and Slasher for teaching me some little Photoshop and HTML coding tricks. =) (...let's hope I didn't forgot anybody. XD)
Thank you for stopping by, and don't forget to come back to check the updates ;)