Here are some videos of solo and groups cosplay skits. Some are ok, some are...not. XD But it's just for fun ^^

* The 5th Element, Epitanime 2009
We had so much fun when doing this at Chibi Japan Expo in October, that we decided to do it again at Epitanime's cosplay by night! My costume was still not complete but looked slightly better. XD We only made minor mistakes during the skit, even if I was slightly disappointed because I forgot our accessories at home, and also because they cut our soundtrack before the end v_v      (Video courtesy of GoldoNat)

* Cat's Eye, Manga Party Awards (Olympia), April 30th 2009
With Ivy and YuKaRi, we had planned to make this group for a photoshoot. But when the Manga Party Awards was announced, we decided to make the costumes for this event instead of a photoshoot only! So, we tried to make something the old Cat's Eye fans would recognize: we used speeches from the anime (in french :p ) and made a little choreography inspired from the endings, where you can see the girls doing aerobics. Our skit was badly rehearsed because we kind of made it in a rush, but we had a lot of fun and we really spent a great moment together!      (Video courtesy of Magica)

Septieme cosplay groupe à la Manga Party Award 2009
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* Ulala, Paris Manga 7, March 2009
At least, the cursed Ulala cosplay! XD I'm a bit disappointed, because I had prepared something slightly better, but I forgot my steps at the beginning, that's why I look hesitant during all the choreography!

* The 5th Element, Chibi Japan Expo, November 2008
So... Here is one ouf our dream cosplay skit! Ruby Rhod and the flight attendants \o/ Minnimay and I had been wanting to make this group for YEARS. Ivy liked the idea and joined us. We imagined the choreography with Minnimay the day before the show, and we had little time to rehearse, that's why you'll probably notice many mistakes XD Anyway, we absolutely loved doing this on stage, the audience loved it too, and Minnimay was simply fa-bu-lous as Ruby Rhod! No doubt we'll do it again in the future :P (Oh and please forget my half-done costume, I'll try harder next time ^^;;; )      (video courtesy of Kira391)

Chibi japan expo 2008 le 5eme Element Ruby rhod
envoyé par kira391

* Eternal Sailor senshi, Paris Manga 6, September 2008
Flammechant, our Sailor Moon, imagined this nice choreography for us! Unfortunately we couldn't rehearse all together and the beginning is a little bit... well, you'll see :P Anyway, I loved doing this on stage, we had so much fun and it remains an excellent memory ^^

* Sister Paula, Epitanime 16, May 2008
This stupid skit's MP3 had been recorded 2 years before, but I had no better idea so I decided to use it. My friend Ichigo made the Mother Superior's voice for me =) Walking on the cosplay stage with a toilet brush was funny, oh yes it was. XD       (Video courtesy of Kojiboy)

Epita 2008 Cosplay Nuit - 03 - Sister Paula de Trinity Blood
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* Terra, Chibi Japan Expo/Kultima, November 2007
I must confess I had NO idea at all for this skit. So I used a silly song and made a pun between Kefka, the bad guy of the game, and Verka, an Ukrainian singer who entered the Eurovision song contest of this year with an absolutely epic costume. And, incredibly, it worked. =D

Cosplay Kultima partie 3/30
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* Utena & Anthy, Japan Expo 8, July 2007
This is a part of our entry for the World Cosplay Summit French selections in 2007. The selections were held very late this day, and we were all very stressed and tired. We made oh so many mistakes~~ (Video courtesy of ??? If this video is yours, please contact me and I'll credit you!)

* Dragon Quest VIII, Paris Manga 3, March 2007
Ludo (the Hero) imagined all this sketch almost alone. He always has very funny ideas for cosplay skits ^^ It's been very hard for me not to laugh on stage. :P       (Video courtesy of Kojiboy)

Paris Manga 3 - 622 - Dragon Quest 8
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* Yu-Ri-Pa, Japan Addict, January 2007
Oh my god. XD We had absolutely no idea of what we would do on stage. We imagined this quickly during the night before the con, adding Vincent Valentine (Aoshi) to our trio as a guest star :P

Please click here to see the video! (Video courtesy of Ben)

* Sailor brides, Epitanime 2006
This is a small part ouf our skit as the Sailor team, wearing the wedding dresses from the artbook illustration. The stage was a bit too small for our huges dresses, it wasn't very easy to dance all together! (Video courtesy of Forb)

* Naruto, Epitanime 2005
Flammechant (the next gen Naruto) imagined this for the group! We were something like 40 people, so it was difficult to find something to do... That's how we ended up entering the stage group after group and dancing on Psycho le Cemu's "Ai no Uta". ^^ I can't remember where the moves come from, but this was all we had to learn, not very difficult =) This was a very good idea, some groups may have rushed a little bit, but we could show every single member of the group, which was great. (Video courtesy of Seasher)

Here is where I'll put videos of me playing various anime and games themes on the piano, during DoReMi Game&cie concerts =)

* The Prelude, Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections (Chibi Japan Expo 2008, in November)
Well, everything you need to know is in the title! ^^ I'm a bit disappointed because I made very stupid mistakes, but, well, I'll do better next time! I always have stage fright, I really must rid myself of this problem... Thanks to Brice for filming, and thanks to GoldoNat, our presenter ^^

Here you'll find other cosplay-related pics, and other things :)

* Cosplay calendar 2008
My friend Ivy had the excellent idea of making a calendar this year! I took part in it on September page, with my (incomplete *cough*) Minako school uniform. You can see all the pages of the calendar on her website, in the "Calendar" section.