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Character :

Sister Paula

From :

Trinity Blood

Worn at :

Japan Expo 2006 (incomplete), Galeries Lafayette "Asiatic" cosplay 2008, Epita (night) 2008

Awards :

3rd place in Groups at Japan Expo, 5th place solo at Galeries Lafayette "Asiatic" cosplay, 3rd place in Show at Epita, 2nd place solo at Epita

Pictures courtesy of :

Andy Julia (Cosplay Le Livre shooting), Ryuu, DLG, Blaknight

And the story...

Oh my, making this costume was DOOMED from the start. I was meant to be Sister Paula in a little group in 2005, but not with this costume, with the armor and tunic version. In the end, it wasn't financially possible for me to go to the convention, and I gave up the idea. Then, I heard that other friends wanted to make a Trinity Blood group, and they asked me to join them. I hesitated because there was a little problem about the costume: the version I wanted to make didn't exist :P I had only seen photos of japanese cosplays, and the costume that had caught my eye was a mix between the armor and the red tunic, which was obviously an adaptation from the cosplayer since I never found any reference image depicting it. I didn't know what to do, and my friends were insisting very loudly on me making the tunic + corset version, which I found really too hard for me. But the armor version too was too hard for my level... Finally, I decided to try, but it was one of the worst ideas I had since I started cosplaying. V_V
I was very, very stressed about that costume, there were so many details on it and so many things to do, and I only had one reference pic to help me... I really feared to mess it up ^^;; I tried my best but I couldn't make it properly for the con. I barely slept the night before, trying to "finish" it, but I was so tired and so rushed on the morning of the convention that I made a stupid mistake and forgot the bag with the most important parts of the costume at home, taking something else instead. I was really angry at myself, and very ashamed to wear the costume, because it didn't look like anything. I wore it on stage because the others (who were all absolutely gorgeous ;_; ) wanted me to go, but I quickly took it off right after the show. I think it will remain my worst cosplay memory ;_;
I tried to wear the costume several times after this, but it was clearly cursed! Each time, I had another problem: I fell ill, had to redo parts, forgot parts at home... It's only 2 years later that I finally managed to wear it completed... or nearly completed, since I'm still missing many details, and since I managed to lose my necklace with the big cross \o/ I'm not very fond of this costume because it's full of bad memories, either con memories or "making of" memories, with the hours and hours spent kneeling in my appartment, hammering the fabric on the floor to put the eyelets all over it. All I can say is: NEVER AGAIN X__x
A few years later, this costume was selected to be featured in "Cosplay Le Livre". I had the opportunity to have a professionnal make-up artist taking care of me, and this really made a great difference! I'm still not really proud of this costume, but I finally feel OK with it thanks to these pics (even if I ended sick because it was cold and super windy this day u_u ).


The group was huge, but on these pictures, you can see Ariah as Astharoshe, and Judykael as Noelle Bor.

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