Original costumes

Character :

Pirate Lady : Capt'n Black Bernice Bonnet

Worn at :

Japan Expo 2007, Festival Delcourt/Harajuku 2007

Awards :

3rd place (solo) at Festival Delcourt/Harajuku 2007

Pictures courtesy of :

Aoshi, Kojiboy, Blaknight, Ryuu, DLG, Okki, Kurisu. Photomontage by Milady.

And the story...

I've always loved pirates! A long time ago, I saw this Pirate costume design on a website. I absolutely wanted to make the same costume for me! *__* But when my friends saw the design, they all wanted to have one too XD So, each girl chose a different color, we bought chinese brocade fabric, and we made a group. In the end we were 13, but unfortunately we never could take pictures all together. Everybody had to choose a pirate name including their color in it, but I can't remember all the names! I borrowed my name from Stede Bonnet, a fairly known pirate.
Making the costumes wasn't so difficult, because luckily, the exact sewing pattern of the costume had just been released! The most difficult part for me was... finding the fabric! I wanted black fabric with golden embroidery, but I could find nothing but many-colored embroidery. I had to order on an internet store and ended up with black fabric with golden AND red, but I loved it so I didn't care.
Apart from this, I must say I had some trouble while sewing the under dress, but except this, everything went quite fine. In the end, we all looked the same, but with many differences depending on the "personal touch" each girl had put on her costume: different hats, shoes, jewellery or accessories... It was a very nice group!


On the last picture, from left to right : Luce in blue, Mi-chan in hot pink, CÚdrille in burgundy, Enelia in light pink, Rinny in grey, Ichigo in white ; Milady in green, Kirae in brown, Ariah in purple, Ela´se in red, Kabotin in orange, and Kumo in white with light blue.

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