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Dominion: Tank Police

Worn at :

Japan Expo 2011

Awards :

none (no contest)

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Ryuu (convention photoshoot), Cooladn

And the story...

With my friend Shoko, we wanted to try the ECG (European Cosplay Gathering) French selections. We went for Dominion costumes, because we were both huge fans of this old series. ^^ We decided that each of us would make what she's best at: I had to make all the fabric parts, and she had to make all the props. But considering all that happened, it's really thanks to her if the costumes looked awesome, because I didn't make a great job on my parts.
Indeed, things definitely didn't go as we wanted. I especially had many unexpected problems, like my job giving me a lot of extra work and preventing me to get enough free time to work on my costumes (I had 3 costumes to work on for the same convention). I really had a hard time trying to finish everything, not saying that it was really hard for me to sew for somebody else (it was my 1st time doing this and as we were living far away from each over, I couldn't even make her try on the parts). I also never received my wigs: we had both ordered 2 wigs in order to make a big, fluffy wig for each of us, but instead of this, Shoko had to lend me one of hers, because it was too late to order new ones. Aaand on the top of that, I was ill and fainted at home the day of the prelim, and wasn't able to arrive in time for the contest. We still managed to wear the costumes together for a short time, but not in very good conditions: we didn't have the time to make up properly, and one or the other was alternatively not feeling well.
People nevertheless loved our costumes and many people told us it was great to see rare "oldies" costumes like this, and it was awesome to wear them indeed. ^^ But I still feel sad about all this. Not really because we could not get on stage, even if I feel responsible of this fail, because honestly, we were not well prepared; but more because the memory of this duo will always remain nostalgic, considering what happened the following year and what the situation now is.


Shoko as Unipuma

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