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Character :

Ranka Lee, "Anata no Oto" pink dress

From :

Macross Frontier

Worn at :

Paris Cosplay 2011, Japan Party 2012, Japan Expo 2012, Tokyo Crazy Kawaii 2013

Awards :


Pictures courtesy of :

Raptoror, Ashura, A. Nelson Sindfoul, Nettip Lain, Karasu, Prof. Okashi

And the story...

Macross Frontier is an anime I really enjoyed watching! I had already made a Sheryl outfit, but I wanted to change and make at least one of Ranka's costumes. It's hard to choose between the two heroines, but I think I prefer Ranka even if Sheryl has more elegant outfits in my opinion, and it appears that Ranka suits me better. I don't know exactly why, but I wanted this pink dress sooo badly! Its design is really cute!
Making this costume wasn't especially difficult, but I had to fit the top to my exact size in order to be able to wear it without straps. The little triangles at the bottom were also rather long to cut and line. But in the end, I was really happy of how this costume came out, I think I managed to get the proportions right, and I was lucky enough to find the perfect fabric for this dress. And I love wearing this wig!

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