Movies costumes

Character :

Ravenclaw student

From :

Harry Potter

Worn at :

Various Harry Potter events since 2004

Awards :

none (no contests)

Pictures courtesy of :

DLG, Ryuu, Aoshi, Ashura, Luce, Kabotin

And the story...

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan *__* With some friends, we had decided to go to the 3rd movie (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 2004) French release wearing students costumes. I chose Ravenclaw because it was my favourite house. The problem was that there were not many well known characters who belonged into Ravenclaw, except Cho Chang, and I hated her XD So I decided to "be" Penelope Clearwater (according to her description in the books), and when I wore the costume again later, I changed for Padma Patil, or simply a random student, depending on the wigs I wanted to wear. :P
The costume was made in a very short time with my grandmother. Actually, we sewed together with her, my grandfather made the wand, and my mother knitted the scarf... Quite a family collaboration ^^ Speaking about the costume itself, I chose to make the robe in the PoA style, with the dark blue lining. I didn't have enough time to make the skirt, so I used a miniskirt I already had. It's not really accurate but I never took the time to make the right skirt since. But it doesn't really bother me, I like my uniform as it is, even if I wish I had thought about making the sleeves wider. I wore this costume many times, for movies or books releases, and we had the opportunity to use some special sceneries set for the events (Knight bus, Ministry of magic,...) It's been a pleasure to wear it with my friends for a very long time, but since there will be no HP books anymore, I don't think I'll wear it very often again...


Sooo many people... I can't list everybody! But the usual suspects were Luce, Doremi, Kabotin, Ludo, Flammechant, Milady, and Ichigo.

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