Anime & Manga costumes

Character :

Rui Kisugi

From :

Cat's Eye

Worn at :

Manga Party (Olympia) April 2009, Epitanime 2009

Awards :


Pictures courtesy of :

Guillaume Eymard, Prof. Okashi, Nenmacil, Blaknight

And the story...

Making a Cat's Eye group was an old dream! The only problem was to find friends to make it with: everytime I tried, all the girls wanted to be Rui, rarely Hitomi, and never Ai. x) But some day, as we were randomly chatting about old school series with Ivy and YuKaRi, we realized that each of us liked a different character! We decided to make this group, and each girl naturally chose her favourite character. Ok, I know Rui doesn't suit me at all, but she was my favourite so I didn't care. :P
First of all, we had planned the group for a photoshoot only, but a special event scheduled for April 2009 suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was to be held at the Olympia, a mythic stage in Paris. And it was possible to cosplay in group, but with no more than 3 persons at the same time. Didn't it sound like it was just made for us? The occasion was pretty unique, and we decided to go for it.
Making the costumes was pretty easy: we used an old catsuit of Ivy's as a pattern, and we sewed everything with her brand new magical sewing machine which sews stretch fabric like it's cotton. Seriously. It didn't take long until the costumes were finished. Ivy also designed and printed Cat's Eye cards, wrapped a painting into paper, and we were ready!
This group will remain an excellent memory, it was fantastic to run on the Olympia stage dressed up as our old heroines! Our group had a nice success, we made a little aerobics choreography on the ending theme of the series, it was badly rehearsed but so funny to do. But the funniest part of it was what we did in the changing rooms. We waited until all the cosplayers had gone out, and we put Cat's Eye cards in the belongings of everyone, with stupid messages on it, like "Tonight at midnight, Cat's Eye will come and steal your boyfriend/empty your fridge/steal all your toilet paper" etc. It was stupid, but people seemed to be amused to find our cards in their shoes or bags. And so were we. =D


Ivy as Hitomi, YuKaRi as Ai.

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