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Character :

Minako, Santa outfit

From :

Sailor Moon, art books

Worn at :

Japan Addict 2006, Anim'Est 2006

Awards :


Pictures courtesy of :

DLG (photoshoot), Nelene. The photomontage is a gift from Ivy.

And the story...

I love Sailor Moon illustrations! This one was just too cute, I had to make the costume. ^^ I asked my friends if they wanted to do the others characters, and they agreed. We were meant to be 10, but in the end, 4 of us gave up the idea and didn't make the costumes. I wish we could have taken pictures all together, but as we didn't live in the same town, it was not possible, so we took pictures with the ones we could.
The costume wasn't difficult to make, but it was quite long since I sewed all the furry parts by hand. Milady gave me Ivy's boot covers pattern and we made the boots together. Without this pattern, I'm sure I would have made ugly boots. XD I liked to wear this costume a lot, I only regret I couldn't find the right shade of orange fabric.


Milady as Haruka, Ela´se as Rei, Ivy as Chibi Usa, Judykael as Hotaru, Ariah as Michiru.

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