Anime & Manga costumes

Character :

Sheryl Nome ("Lion" opening)

From :

Macross Frontier

Worn at :

Mangacity 2009, Epitanime 2009, Anim'Est 2009, Cartoon Beach 2011

Awards :

4th in Solo division at Anim'Est

Pictures courtesy of :

Ryuu, Minnimay, Nicolas Billiaux, DLG, Rinny

And the story...

I watched Macross Frontier and immediately loved the anime, which was not a big surprise since I always likes the Macross series. To tell the truth, my favourite female character is actually Ranka, but Sheryl has many more interesting outfits, and I had this lovely pink wig in my cupboard, waiting to be worn for so long... ^^
I chose the outfit from the opening "Lion" because it was my favourite at this time: I loved the colors, the corset, and the wig I had was the right pink tone for this costume. I just didn't imagine there would be one million Lion Sheryl cosplayers out there by the time I finish my costume. XD And when I think about it, in my opinion, the character doesn't suit me a lot, even if I tried to work on the makeup to look a little bit more like her. But I don't regret my choice, I like this costume anyway, even if it still needs some more details... and a photoshoot. =)

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