Video Games Costumes

Character :

Terra (Tina) Branford

From :

Final Fantasy VI (Yoshitaka Amano's illustrations)

Worn at :

Chibi Japan Expo/Kultima 2007, Japan Addict 2008

Awards :

1rd place in Costumes and 2nd place in Show at Chibi Japan Expo/Kultima 2007

Pictures courtesy of :

Ryuu, Pixel_K, DLG, Aoshi, Yoshi Association, Ben

And the story...

I love Terra... ^^ And I love the colors of her outfit, its shape, and her hair color. I wanted to make my costume a mix between the video game sprite I like so much, and the gorgeous illustrations from Yoshitaka Amano. I didn't want to embroider it all with million pearls and that kind of things, I just wanted to drew inspiration from the illustrations to make something more detailed than the in-game sprite, and I tried to make this costume as I saw it. That's why I kept the green hair that I think is characteristic of Terra, as well as the purple shoulder armors; I tried to make everything else as close as possible to Amano's artworks.
Nothing in this costume was really difficult, but it was awfully long to make, not only because of the parts I had to sew by hand, but mostly because of the hours of hand painting. I had to paint everything: the dress, the sleeves, the cape, the tights. I'm really not talented with painting and I was very afraid of making something ugly... But in the end, everything went quite well, even if it could have been better, of course. I tried my best to stick to the illustrations to paint all the patterns. In reality, the most difficult part of it all was chosing the reference pictures! The patterns, the colors and even the costume's shape look different on each illustration. It took me a long time to compare all of them and to decide how I would make everything.
My grandfather helped me to make the sword. I love this sword! I drew the shape on wood and he cut it for me, that's why it's so well done. After this, all I had to do was to sand it and to paint and decorate it. :)
It doesn't happen often, but this time, I'm very very happy of how the whole costume looks! It was a lot of work, and I'm proud of the result ^^ The only parts I don't like very much are the shoulder armors, mostly because you can see all the structure under them. I also have a tiara that partly broke and that I've never worn. I'll try to fix these two things for a photoshoot. :)

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