Video Games Costumes

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From :

Space Channel 5 (level 2)

Worn at :

Paris Manga (March) 2009

Awards :


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DLG, Kojiboy, FlexGraph, Nenmacil, Filia, Prof Okashi, Fabnol

And the story...

This costume is my cursed costume N1. I really love Space Channel 5, I think I played this game a million times. So, when I planned to go to the Yumemi festival at the end of 2004 and had to choose a costume to make, I decided to make Ulala. I loved her design, the way she moved, danced etc. (and pink hair of course ^.~ ), and I thought it would be really fun to act like her on stage and in the convention. I also thought the costume wouldn't be very hard to make, which quickly appeared to be a gigantic error. XD I chose the outfit she's wearing in the 2nd level of the game, because I had a crush on her shoes, and I prefered it to the classic skirt all the girls were usually making.
Unfortunately, the convention was cancelled. I tried to finish the costume several times after this, but each time, I failed: lack of time, lack of motivation, illness, failure at making the short pants, various problems, well, I always missed the occasion to wear it. And someday, in March 2009, the Miracle occured. I decided to finish this doomed costume, and almost succeeded. Ok, it's awfully badly sewn, the wig was an old bad quality one bought more than 4 years before, and I didn't have time to make the gloves, but I decided to wear it anyway. None of my friends could actually believe it when they saw me as Ulala at last. XD
As you may have guessed, I'm not really proud of this crap, but I feel so relieved to have worn it at last, that I don't plan to improve it in any way. I'll still try to make the gloves for an upcoming photoshoot, but wait and see! x)

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