Video Games Costumes

Character :

Princess Zelda

From :

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Worn at :

Manga Party Festival 2011, Epitanime 2011, Harajuku 2011

Awards :

"Coup de coeur du jury" at Epitanime

Pictures courtesy of :

Hugz, Romain, A. Nelson Sindfoul, Meian, Nettip Lain, DLG, Henri Rabagny, Phantase, Nautiljon

And the story...

I had always wanted to make at least one Zelda outfit! After having enjoyed so much to work on Malon the year before, I wanted to make the same kind of costume again, with rather easy sewing and a lot of very precise painting. Painting on fabric is one of the things I enjoy the most when I make costumes. :) I chose the Wind Waker version because I liked the "toon" look a lot, not too sophisticated with a lot of colors and a little bit of props, exactly like Malon's outfit. It took me a long time to get all the patterns right, and a very long time to paint everything too! But in the end, I was very happy with the result. My only regret is, I should have drawn the blue zigzag line on the skirt a little bit thicker.
I enjoyed wearing this costume a lot! But it is not my most comfortable one, I always had to lift the skirt to walk without tripping over fabric. Anyway, I had a good time wearing it, especially when Narayu gathered a little Zelda group just to take pictures together at Harajuku festival. And of course, I loved rick-rolling and trolling the audience during my skit at Epitanime, it was such a funny moment. XD Now, I want to make more characters from Zelda, but I already have so many projects... I hope I'll have enough time!


Sakura as Zelda from Twilight Princess, Narayu as Queen Rutela, Maranwe as Din, and Kuro as Nayru. Special thanks to GoldoNat for the Troll Link design. :')

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